Best Earrings for your Face Shape

Best Earrings for your Face Shape

The most flattering earrings for each face shape to balance and highlight your proportions.

| Choosing the right earrings is like finding the right haircut.

As there are styles of clothing that favor you there are also styles of earrings that are ideal according to the shape of your face. Have you ever considered how your jewelry could be flattering - or not so flattering - for it too?

If your answer to that is absolutely not, then you're not alone. While many of us aren't shy of admitting that we're somewhat picky when it comes to our jewelry choices, we tend to only factor in our taste when it comes to buying or rejecting certain pieces.

If we like it enough and can afford it, then it's ours - we rarely (or, rather, never) put something that we love back down because it's totally the wrong shape for our facial structure.

Keep reading so you have a guide to what style of earrings should not be missing from your jewelry box.  

It goes without saying that all face shapes are beautiful, but in the same way that many of like to experiment with clothes to see what suits our bodies the best it can also be fun to play around with your jewelry to figure out which styles balance and highlight your facial proportions in a way that you love.

Here is our guide on buying the perfect earrings for your face shape.

Round Shaped-Face

For those with a round-shaped face,  lengthening your facial silhouette, - as opposed to widening it - tends to be the main objective. The widest point of a round face is between the cheeks so you should avoid round styles.

To balance, wear earrings of long dangling styles to create that illusion of extra length.

Ciara Earrings Malén Earrings

Heart Shaped-Face

For people with a heart-shaped face - a wider forehead than cheeks and a narrow chin - balancing out the jawline with earrings that are wider at the bottom creates a super flattering look.

Earrings that highlight the cheekbones can be very flattering for this type of face. Wide-based styles such as teardrops flatter the face and balance proportions perfectly.

Bianca Earrings Lena Earrings


Rectangular Shaped-Face

A rectangle shape face has a similar width forehead and jaw, with the face fairly straight down through the cheeks and a square jaw shape. It is a narrow face that tends to be long and thin. To maximize aesthetics, you'll want to soften with round or curved styles.

Thus the earrings that flatter will add width at the cheeks to add a little extra fullness to the middle of the face. Anything too wide at the jaw will add extra width to your square jaw.  Anything too long and narrow will just make your whole face look long and drawn.  Instead look for shapes that are wider up near the cheeks.

Look for shorter, wider earrings, rather than long and narrow, which will emphasize the length of your face.

Chunky Hoop Earrings Frances Earrings


Diamond Shaped-Face

For those with a diamond-shaped face - where the eyes are the widest part of the face and the narrow forehead shape mirrors the chin - balancing out the angles can seem tricky. Prominent cheekbones are a sign of this type of elongated face.
Avoid wide or button earrings instead go for mainly longer dangle earrings, or small studs.

Elegant pendant style earrings without sharp angles work wonders. Wearing studs that are close to the ear works really well, while chandelier earrings that are wider at the bottom also flatter the face nicely.

Carla Earrings Fearless Earrings


Square Shaped-Face

Square-shaped faces mean beautifully strong jawlines. In this type of face the cheekbones and jaw are about the same width.

Jewelry can help to flatter and soften your facial structure, with rounded, curved styles, elongated and flowing shapes - nothing too angular - proving the most flattering.

Invincible Earrings Aixa Earrings


Oval Shaped-Face

Oval faces are quite fortunate. The oval face is the easiest to dress, with almost every style of earring suiting and flattering the proportional silhouette.

It's better to avoid anything with too much of a drop in order to avoid over-elongation, but everything from studs to huggies and hoops looks great on an oval face.

Have fun experimenting! 

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