Color Trends: Spring-Summer 2023

Color Trends: Spring-Summer 2023

Released for New York Fashion Week by the Pantone Color Institute, the top 10 standout colors are reflective of the past two years.

Just as some citizens are eager for frenetic schedules and new adventures while others are still emerging quietly from extended at-home time, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report veers between the vibrant and the subdued.

From newfound emboldening hues like the overall top-three-ranked Fiery Red, Beetroot Purple and Tangelo to more calming ones the season’s lineup is equal parts uplifting and soothing. Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman said: “What the designers have done — even though they might not even be that aware of it — is to embrace both moods that people might be in and that strong contrast.”

Fiery Red

A super charged red tone signaling an energetic intensity.

 Fiery Red Pantone Color Outfits

Beetroot Purple

An emboldened fuchsia hue depicting the fruits of nature.

 Beetroot Purple Pantone Color Outfits


A tangy, tasty vitamin enriched orange.

 Tangelo Pantone Color Outfits

Peach Pink

A nurturing peach tone invites you in for a warm embrace.

 Peach Pink Pantone Color Outfits

Empire Yellow

A luminescent yellow that radiates joyfulness

 Empire Yellow Pantone Color Outfits

Crystal Rose

A clear pink conveying modern romance.

 Crystal Rose Pantone Color Outfits

Classic Green

A nourishing green imbued with health giving qualities.

 Classic Green Pantone Color Outfits

Love Bird

An exotic green with a lively character.

 Love Bird Pantone Color Outfits

Blue Perennial

A stand-out blue that spikes the palette.

 Blue Perennial Pantone Color Outfits

Summer Song

A clean blue tone that expresses relaxation and tranquility.

Summer Song Pantone Color Outfits

Along with being transportive and uplifting, these colors are “absolutely aspirational — no question,” Eiseman said.

Be it fashion, interiors, food or any sector, people aren’t just jumping on trends or acting on whims to the degree that they once did in choosing colors. There is more thought being given to those choices, even if it is subliminal, Eiseman said.

“The effect that color has is so much more appreciated now. A lot of that came out of the pandemic, after being sequestered and being more thoughtful about things. You’re not frantically running around from here to there. You have a little more time to think, to study, and ponder. That’s definitely made its way into the world of color, regardless if that’s in fashion, home or product development.”

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Images by WWD and Pinterest

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