Why Handmade Accessories are Special

Why Handmade Accessories are Special

A Special Gift

Last Christmas season Sandra, one of our customers, contacted us with a special request.  Sandra wanted to offer an unforgettable gift to her daughter who was visiting the island. Since we love challenges, we said yes immediately.

Making a custom piece is an interactive process between the designer and the customer. We make sure we have all the necessary information to please the customer wishes and needs.

Handmade for You

Sandra shared with us that her daughter was a professional who visited clients daily and her office attire were chic-casual. Sandra recommended her daughter to be a little more daring with her accessories and to begin her daring collection she wanted to give her a piece a statement piece.

Be Part of the Creative Process

We asked Sandra her daughter's favorite color, her style of office attire, we also saw photos from her social networks to identify which style of accessories most favored her taking into consideration all the collected information. With all this in mind, we made several sketches of the pieces we recommend. After Sandra saw our inventory of semi-precious stones, she chose red carnelian for her accessories. She was also able to choose the chain she wanted.

During the whole time we kept in touch with Sandra for her to be part of the creative process. Upon delivering the final product, she was very pleased and her daughter loved the gift. 

The final product inspired us so much that
we add the Sandra Necklace to our catalog.

Handmade accessories are unique and have a special meaning for both the one who gift them and for the one who received them. Each accessory has its story. Create a unique story for someone you love. If you want to make a special gift, we want to help you.  Contact us at customercare@alquimajewelry.com.

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